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"Mike is absolutely fantastic! I cannot recommend him enough. I took my German Shepherd, Hobbes, to him, and the difference is night and day. You can tell Mike really takes his time to fully understand each dog and how each one is unique. He goes above and beyond to ensure the correct training is done for your dog and that you understand what he is teaching. He is happy to answer all of your questions and makes sure you are comfortable with the techniques. I recommend everyone to Mike, and I will continue to use him for all of my dog training needs."

-Ross O'Bryan

"Before Mike came to our rescue, we had a six-month-old active puppy Tanner and a four-year-old overgrown puppy, Dude. Mike helped us identify our 70-pound pulling machine’s personality so that we could bring him under control. Now Dude walks off-leash at a heel very comfortably and doesn’t get anxious riding in the car anymore. Our puppy is now a year old and can walk off-leash and behaves when people come to our home.

I would highly recommend Mike Penn and his sidekick Nova to anyone that has a dog that they would like to go places with but can’t because of behavior issues. Also, if you want to have them come, heel, sit, down, wait, stay, go to a “place”, wait at the door and not run outside, and the list goes on and on. We are so thankful for Mike and Nova."

-Shelly Chmielewski

"When we added a new member of our family (Flo, German Shepherd female) we knew we wanted to give her the best life we possibly could, in order to achieve that we knew training her was going to be a vital part of the process that ultimately would allow us to enjoy her to the fullest.

We met Mike and his dog Nova, and they both were professional from beginning to end, they worked in tandem with us to fix any behavioral issues we had with Flo, Mike ensured us he’d provide all the tools to effectively correct our puppy, increase her confidence level, remove triggers, control her enthusiasm and therefore provide us with a balanced, well-behaved dog that we can take everywhere knowing that she and everybody around her animal or human, would be not only fine but safe. Having that type of certainty is priceless.

If you are serious in getting your dog(s) trained, Mike Penn and his dog Nova are hands down THE BEST. It’s like sending your dog to Harvard."

Forever thankful

-Patty, James and Flo

"Michael is a tremendous dog trainer. His knowledge, passion, commitment and experience makes him the best choice in Orlando. My beloved dog, Baxter, was darting out the front door, anxiety in the car, jumped up on guests and I needed help. Michael showed our family how to train our dog (and perhaps we got trained as well) to be well-mannered, enjoy riding in the car and greet guests appropriately. Many thanks to a great trainer."

-Jill N.

"Michael Penn knows dogs! We have a 3 year old GSD named Jazz that was anxious and intolerant of other dogs and people. She pulled on the leash and was hard to control. At times Jazz barked excessively and had poor recall. Her approach to guests was questionable. All interactions with Mike from start to finish were professional and very responsive. He really cared about the success of our dog. He not only helped our dog improve her behavior, but helped us become better handlers. Jazz is now a lot calmer and we are all more confident. Where we were almost afraid to walk her through our own neighborhood, we can now take her on walks almost anywhere. Although our official training is over, it is great to know he is only a text or phone call away should we need help. We highly recommend him."

-Earl D.

"We highly recommend Michael!! He was so patient with us and our dog. Michael is very knowledgeable about dog training and was able to answer all of our questions giving us helpful suggestions. Our 2 year old rescue dog went from not knowing what to do and not being able to go to any public place with us to making eye contact, trusting us, obeying commands, going everywhere with us and living her best life. We are forever grateful to Michael and Nova for giving us the tools to connect with our girl and train her properly."

-Krissy S.

"Michael is amazing! I've seen many other dog trainers in action, but none compare to his capabilities and talent. His intuitiveness is exceptional with aggressive juveniles, stubborn seniors, or puppies that just want to have fun. Michael is truly a natural!"

-Susan H.

"Michael Penn is the absolute best trainer you could ask for! He helped my wife and I train our Dogo Argentino puppy to be a service dog. After finding the perfect puppy our training began at 8 wks. Michael's training is very straight forward and he personalizes the lessons so that it is fun and easy to understand. Our dog has well exceeded our expected goals and this is all because of Michael. Thanks to him and his unique training our dog makes my life easier. She helps me walk, she helps me when I fall, she picks up items, helps me grocery shop, pulls my wheelchair, opens doors with door ropes, pushes elevator and handicap door buttons, throws things in the trash for me, helps with laundry, brings me my phone, wallet when needed, helps me swim and does rescue in the pool. We travel alot and Michael helped us get her ready for her first flight at 5 mos. old. She did fantastic! When we travel especially at the airport and on cruises, we hear from security that she is the most well trained service dog they have ever seen. Which makes us feel very proud. And again, this is all thanks to Michael. He truly cares about his clients and their dogs. He is a wonderful person and trainer."

-Juan B.

"Penn's Canine Training was the best thing I ever did for my Rottweiler and for me! He taught me how to make my dog great & with a large dog, that was very important to me. The biggest compliment I can get is "I'm afraid of big dogs - but I'm not afraid of yours" and that is all thanks to the guidance from Penn's Canine Training."

-Beatrice F.

"Solved all my behavioral issues! Will not regret this, totally worth it!!
No more pulling on the leash, running off, jumping of people, and gets along with other dogs great now. Luke, our big Golden-doodle is so much happier now. We can take him everywhere with us.
Super reliable! Worked with our busy schedule and made a plan to fit our budget. Michael was patient and took his time with the whole family. We learned how to communicate with our dog and he obeys every command. We love Michael! Will be our dog trainer for life. Highly recommend his training services!!!"

-Rebecca F.

"Michael is absolutely the best trainer. He has been training our black lab Bella for about 5 months now, and it is amazing how much of a difference his training has made in her behavior. I have not previously owned a dog and had no idea on how to train her. Michael has done a fantastic job with training her using positive reinforcement. More importantly, he has been helping me learn how to train her and work with her. Basically, he is training me and Bella, which is invaluable given that I am a new dog owner. I am now enjoying long walks with Bella who is 7 month old, and we both are continuously learning new things from Michael."

-Sam S.

"I currently have 3 large dogs one pit who is afraid of everything and two labs who would pull me behind them like a kite. I've been to three or four trainers paid a great deal of money with no results I finally learned about Penn and took one more chance and hired them. This guy was great he is probably the best trainer I've ever seen in my life my dogs now place when people come over they don't move unless I tell him, I can walk all three of them at the same time, it's amazing he is wonderful I would recommend him highly."

-Mary Lisa S.

"Michael did a great job with our dog Jax, he was a big, stubborn dog and now he is awesome! He is a part of our family now. He is a indoor dog despite the fact he is 140 lb. I really recommend Penn's Canine Training, he is the best!"

-Monica G.

"An amazing experience! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
I was very leery of starting over again with a new puppy and wanted to make sure she received the proper training. Michael and his dog Nova guided us through the ins and outs of owning and training a new puppy. He genuinely had an interest in making her a successful family member. Not only did he train my dog Graycie, but he also taught me how to be the leader my dog needed. He is always willing to help and now my girl is three years old and he is still there for us if new situations arise. Graycie has become the best dog and that is all thanks to Penn's Canine Training! I couldn't be more pleased with her progress and much appreciative of Michael and Nova . Cheers to continued success!! Thank you!!"

-Jennifer M.

"Best dog trainer ever, very patient and knowledgable. Hard to tell who knows more between him and his dog Nova!"

-Tavish L.

"Absolute best! We adopted a 4 month old Doberman mix from the shelter, Morgan. We called Michael for numerous reasons. 1-we wanted a well behaved dog. 2-we wanted to have kids in the future and the dog needed to listen to us. 3-having a large powerful dog comes with a large personal responsibility. Being in the legal field, I wanted a dog that wasn't a liability/wild card. 4-We already have a 9 yr old dachshund who I had trained through Petco. She learned to sit, on her terms, when she wanted to, if there was a treat. She runs the roost around my house and I knew nothing about dog training apparently.
Michael exceeded all expectations and solved all my concerns. Morgan is now a 4 yrs old. She comes to work with me, she sits and guards my 2 month olds crib, she is the sweetest dog and listens to every command we have taught her. Michael has a before/after video. Morgan wouldn't even lift her head when I called her name before being trained. And now, I take her off leash wherever I want(that allows). People constantly comment on my dogs obedience, and I'm proud. I have Michael to thank for all of it.

He came to the house for training sessions, he answers all calls & texts promptly, and he still does this whenever I have a question or concern almost 4 years later. He's worth every penny."

-Danielle B.

"We are very grateful to Mike Penn for making our two Goldendoodles real members of our family through obedience training. Because of Mike's training, Murphy went on to become a certified therapy dog, and her "sister", Buff, is also well behaved in every scenario. Our girls attend many social outings with us and have joined us on many vacations. If you are looking for your dog to be trained for obedience and companionship, service, or therapy, we whole-heartedly recommend Mike Penn!"

-Michelle L.

"Nobody is better. Mike is extremely dedicated and talented at training dogs and owners."

-Patrick G.

"Best dog trainer I have seen so far. He really cares and knows his stuff. Highly recommended."

-Mark S.

"Michael Penn is a great dog trainer; the best I've ever known. Years ago he helped me to train my dog who had major separation anxiety and housetraining issues. She would potty in the house and inside of her kennel often, even right after taking her outside. I had to bathe her almost every day. At times I felt hopeless. She knew many games and tricks, but seemingly couldn't get past the house training.

Not only did Mike help to house train her, but helped me to understand what to do when she was triggered by storms or by me walking out of the house. Her seperation anxiety was reduced by far. After her training we had great communucation. She knew sit, stay, go, come, fetch, take it, leave it, lay down, roll over, place (go lay down), she was more relaxed and would voluntarily sit in her kennel and go in it when I said "go". She would wait for permission to come out when the kennel door was open. She learned heel, get your toy, get your bone, up, she walked with me off leash, and waited for permission to go outside when I opened the front door. She would stop and come back on command if she went too far. She had so much freedom because of our good communication and because she understood her boundaries.

It's years later now and I'm amazed by how quickely my new puppy is picking up on the training. It's clear to me now that it was truly training for me and how to be a consistent, good leader for her. The tools and tricks I've learned from Mike has helped me with all dogs I've been in close contact with, especially my new puppy. I'm forever grateful for what I learned at Penn's Canine Training."

-Kristen S.