About Us

Meet The Owner

Michael always had the heart of a teacher.

“I decided to become a dog trainer because I love teaching, and this profession allows me to teach both dogs and people.”

He graduated from the Master Trainer Course (275 unit hours) at the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, and this is what he said about his experience there.

“What I enjoyed most about NK9 was having the opportunity to learn hands-on from the most experienced dog trainers in the country while being fully immersed with dogs and dog training 24/7.”

Michael obtained a Bachelor's in Psychology from the University of Miami, FL, with a minor in Spanish, and he has studied abroad in Mexico and Chile. He also speaks Portuguese.

Michael feels that the most important aspect of dog training is the capability to adapt the training approach to each individual dog's personality and the goals of the owner.

“The areas of training I most enjoy are working to focus hyper dogs, building the confidence and increasing the trust of fearful dogs, assistance/service dog training, and protection training."

When he isn't training dogs, Michael can be found on the golf course or preparing for his Level 5 Krav Maga certification.

He feels the most important thing about owning a company is making sure that every single person (and dog!) is utterly thrilled with the training results and training experience.

Are All dog trainers the same?

Absolutely not! Many dog trainers are not certified or merely got an online certification.

By the time our clients reach us, most have already gone through some form of dog training and walked away frustrated and believing dog training can't work for their dog.

This is what happens when an industry has zero regulation over who can call themselves a dog trainer.

Imagine if our schooling system had no requirements for who can be a teacher!